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Fare impresa? E’ come camminare!

Mi piace camminare.
Ho capito di essere un hiker, ossia uno che con zaino in spalla va per sentieri e montagne, preferibilmente facendo tanta strada per giorni di fila.

E ho trovato ieri sera un simpatico articolo sul parallelo tra hiking (insomma…camminare) e fare impresa.

Ecco le 5 lezioni che che possiamo sfruttare.

1) Be prepared
If you’re going for a hike, the number one rule is to be prepared

2) Fear gets you nowhere. Move on
Business is no different. Challenges, fears, and risk lurk everywhere. Your mind will play tricks on you

3) Tell people where you are and what you’re up to
Your business survives when your target market knows how to find you and your network has a chance to support you

4) Your mindset matters more than your muscles
Your business is no different. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to take the first step

5) Research Makes the Venture Worthwhile
You must understand your target market and the unique terrain within that niche. What is the opportunity, and how are you equipped to help clients reach the summit of their own success?

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Bonne route!

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