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let’s start Powersim MAS Olympic Games !!


Below you will find the first exercise “ The Game of the Doors”, with the possibility to download the PDF file by clicking the following link: b.mas-co.it/Powersim_MAS Olympic_Games_Exercise_1.pdf


Send us your model developed with Powersim software to the same mail address you used to sign up to the competition: powersim.games@mas-co.it


You have time until April 25th at 24pm (Italian time zone).

You will receive an e-mail with an free evaluation of your work by Powersim experts.


In a separate post you will find the evaluation criteria that we have decided to use for correcting your models and to define the final ranking.


We will not take up any more precious time, so we just have to wish you good luck and we hope you will enjoy the Games!


-MAS Team-


Exercise #1: The Game of the Doors


There are 100 closed doors.

In front of the doors there are 100 elves. The first elf opens all doors.

The second elf closes all those multiple of 2.

The third elf goes to multiple ports of 3, closes the open doors, opens those closed.

The fourth elf does the same with multiple ports of 4. And so on until the 100th elf.


  1. How many doors remain open at the end?



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