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Evaluation Criteria

For reasons of transparency we consider it necessary to publish the criteria we will use to evaluate your model.


Beyond the obvious criterion of correctness of the model, we give importance to three other factors:


  • Constancy: the perseverance of trying to solve all the exercises constitutes a great value. So, even if so even if you’re not sure your model is the most correct possible, try it and you will be rewarded!


  • Clarity in logics and model structure: it is not sufficient that a model is right per se, if this correctness is not understandable to others. Try to develop shared logics and to structure your model to be easily understood by the reader.


  • Graphic Qualities: last but not least we consider presentation of results to have its relevance. Do not hesitate to express your creativity with graphs, tables, buttons, arrows, animations and any other element which can bring added value to your model.

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