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Discover the second phase!


Propose your Challenge

Now it is your turn: propose a new exercise to the entire participants group.

Challenge yourself and the others on the use of Powersim Software.

You have time until June 13th at 24pm to send the text of your proposals to powersim.games@mas-co.it

After the deadline, we will choose the two most interesting and challenging exercises and we will publish them in the following weeks.


Solve the Exercise

In the following weeks, you will have to solve the last two challenges, by sending your Powersim model directly via mail to the official Olympic address: powersim.games@mas-co.it

In this way you can participate to the contest and try to win the prizes for grabs.


The prizes

Taking part to this competition will give you the possibility to win the last two free participations to a certified Powersim Advanced Course in the stunning setting of Lake of Como in Italy!



Hurry up!!!

Maybe your problem will be the next challenge for everybody!



phase 2


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